Does My Primary-School-Aged Child Need a Tutor?

Although primary school students won’t sit any serious exams, some may still benefit from math and English tuition. If you aren’t sure whether tutoring would be right for your primary school-aged child, don’t worry. We have a list of questions you can ask yourself to determine if your primary-school-aged child needs a tutor.

Is your child confident in their learning?

Watch for signs of low confidence or self-esteem in your child, like negative self-talk or giving up when a task is difficult or frustrating. Even if your child is academically capable, lacking confidence could be a roadblock to future success. Children who get poor results or perform badly in school may act up, with a lack of confidence in their learning ability manifesting as bad behaviour. English and math tutors can help children build their academic strengths and celebrate achievements, big and small, boosting their confidence and improving their behaviour.

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Is your child being challenged?

For some children, lessons may not be challenging or stimulating enough. Rather than allowing this to lead to bad behaviour or boredom, a tuition program can encourage them to try more difficult math problems, learn higher-level writing skills, and grow in confidence to push themselves further. A private tutor can inject new enthusiasm into a subject and teach it in a way that makes even the most mundane subjects exciting. Acquiring good learning habits at a primary school means students carry these on to high school and higher education institutions where self-discipline and challenging yourself are expected.

How does your child learn best?

We all learn differently, and if your child doesn’t engage with the way their teacher is teaching, they can quickly fall behind. A private tutor will build the tuition programme around your child. Personalised learning helps students by giving them the learning strategies they need to reach their own “ah-ha” moments with difficult material. Tutors know how to identify your child’s most effective learning style, adapt their teaching methods, and provide the positive reinforcement your child needs to succeed. It can also be a lot easier for a child to focus on learning when they aren’t in a busy classroom filled with peers.

123 Tuition can help

The young students in your family may not be reaching their full potential. They may be quick learners and need a more significant challenge. They may benefit from keeping up their learning over the holidays. With so many options, finding the right tutor can be confusing for many parents. 123 Tuition could be the perfect choice for your child if:
  • You want them to have a little extra help.
  • They need help catching up.
  • You want to prepare them for the challenging next stages of school.
123 Tuition offers maths and English tutoring in NZ, bringing a virtual private tutor into your home seven days a week. Our tutors are real teachers who will explain each step of the learning process. If you are interested in home-based learning support for your child or have any questions, get in touch with us today.