English Grammar And Literacy Tuition
From Year 1

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The 123 Tuition English programme is an integrated basic literacy programme that includes both English grammar and reading. It has individual lessons that focus on: reading comprehension (literal), phonics, spelling, vocabulary development, punctuation, parts of speech, sentence construction, word usage, common errors, figurative language and writing skills.

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It is not to be confused with English Literature, which is something quite different as this refers to ‘the body of written works produced in the English language by inhabitants of the British Isles (including Ireland) from the 7th century to the present day.’ In layman’s terms, our programme does not touch on the reading and review of novels, plays and poetry.

The 123 Tuition English programme focuses on those core skills required by all students to learn to read and write English fully, correctly and with style.

The programme is structured to cater for students from the early primary years through to secondary students and adult learners. The lessons have been carefully graded to match students’ capabilities and interests. Within the programme there is significant revision of the more formal grammatical elements so that students can revise and practise their skills.

The programme encourages participation without the danger of exposing students to the stress involved in performing (reading) for others. The more formal Grammar lessons provide instruction in the areas of literacy and language. These lessons fulfill the requirements for the Curriculum.

Key Components of The English Programme

Reading Comprehension

Students will develop their literal reading comprehension skills by reading, listening to, and interacting with a variety of text types.


This often least-liked topic can make the world of difference to the meaning of a sentence or passage. Students will cover all aspects of punctuation from full stops to the dreaded correct use of the apostrophe.

Spelling skills

Students learn various techniques to improve their spelling, from spelling lists to distinguishing short and long vowel sounds, prefixes and plurals.

Improved Writing Skills

Students will learn how to improve their writing skills by being able to identify and use phrases including adjectival and adverbial phrases, construct expressive sentences by using adjectives, adverbs, phrases and clauses, identify and use active and passive voice, and recognise the elements needed in writing different types of essays.

Vocabulary Development

Students increase and use new words and learn how to identify and use figurative language.

Parts of speech

Students learn to identify and use various parts of speech from the basic nouns, verbs and adjectives, to the more complex form of pronouns and gerunds.

Correct Usage

Students will learn to use words correctly and structure their sentences correctly. This includes being able to identify and use comparative and superlative adjectives, the correct tense of verbs: past, present and future, the case of nouns, pronouns and adjectives and eliminate some common errors in spelling and punctuation.


Practice will expose the student to a range of questions and problems, that they are likely to encounter in the main lesson itself. It’s a great way to assess your child’s current level of knowledge on the selected lesson.

During the Practice, students can choose to have every single question read out to them, which can ease the burden on some students, who struggle with reading and find it tiresome.

Additionally, because this is about assessing and providing confidence, all students will have the opportunity to have a second attempt at each question (in case a simple mistake is made).

Students can also skip any questions they may already know.

The Practice also settles the student before attempting the main lesson and has them focused on the task at hand.

This 5 minute settling time is particularly useful after a long day at school, or after any long activity.

Our initial assessment will test your child on their current year’s work. This will produce a report that will detail those areas of weakness and those areas where your child is strong and competent.

Depending on the result of this initial assessment, it may be that we recommend your child attempts a further assessment but at a previous year’s level. Don’t be concerned about this. What’s most important is that we find their current level of competence.

Re-building their brick wall of learning will not only be a straightforward process, but a richly rewarding one for your child, as concepts not previously understood suddenly become areas of expertise for them.

IMPORTANT: All 123 Tuition courses have been aligned to the New Zealand Curriculum, so there will be no conflicting teaching methods, or material that is not required to be learned.

Teacher Tutorial

A picture paints a thousand words…

Our Teacher Tutorials are the one-on-one teaching moment of the lesson.

These supporting videos developed by qualified and experienced teachers allow your child to watch and learn about the current topic they are attempting… just like they would in the classroom.

Once again, empowering you and your child with control over their teaching and learning is so important. Your child has total control over the teacher tutorial, they can replay or skip to any section as many times as they deem necessary to understand the learning process for the current lesson.

If your child ever gets stuck on something in the lesson, or with anything at school or with homework, as a parent you may, or may not, be able to provide the clarification or answer they need – it may be they won’t even come and ask for your help, because at some point you may have said “maths isn’t my strong point”.

With 123 Tuition they can easily ‘unstick’ themselves by watching the teacher tutorials, and continue with their progress.

It is the access to these teacher tutorials that makes students all over the world refer to 123 Tuition as “my secret weapon”, because they can have anything learned at school reinforced and re-explained at home at the push of a button.

Book A Free Assessment!

With staff located across New Zealand, our expert Course Advisors are available to meet with you and your children online at a time that works for you, to fully explain the benefits of our programme. BOOK A FREE ASSESSMENT and an Advisor will contact you to arrange a suitable time to demonstrate our programme for you;  all Online in the comfort of your home.

What Students and Parents Say

“I did a great thing by joining 123 Tuition and this has changed my children’s lives. Poojasti always expressed concern that she forgot what she had learned at school during the holidays and she would get bored. 123 Tuition is the perfect tuition for her."
"I never wanted to be picked by the teacher to answer a question because I was simply afraid of being embarrassed in front of the class. Now I want to be picked because I do know the answer."

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