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2,000+ Video Tutorials

Access to over 2,000 video tutorials and 6 million questions from only $29.95/week per family.

Graph showing average student pass mark of 95.6%

95.6% Average Mark

Students enrolled with us for private tutoring score an average mark of 95.6%.

50 Years of Experience

Our Executive Management team collectively brings over 50 years of experience in home learning

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New Enrolment: 09 553 4888
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Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of the programme varies from family to family. The reason for this is that each programme is structured around each family’s particular circumstances. Therefore depending on the number of children in the family, their ages, current ability levels and how much, or little, of the programme is relevant for each family, the costs will vary quite considerably.

Whilst families can start as low as just $29.95 per week, as a general guide, you’ll find most families are paying somewhere between $35 and $40 per week – this includes both Maths and English – for all the children in the family – this is not the cost per child. Now, depending on the family’s requirements, some families will be paying more and some will be paying less than the average.

Families have the choice to purchase their programme outright, or alternatively, may choose the monthly payments plan option.

If you have done some research, you will have already discovered that private tutors are currently costing around $50 per hour, per subject, per child. So, if you have two children needing help with Maths and English, you can very quickly see how cost-effective the 123 Tuition programme is.

For further detailed information on options and costs, please call us on 09 553 6453.

123 Tuition is very different because it can not only provide exactly what a private tutor can provide but it can deliver much, much more… and at a fraction of the cost!

123 Tuition is accessible as a complete year group of teaching, lessons, exams and support up front.

123 Tuition will be available to you 24 hours a day, every day, for all the children in your family to use again and again, as much as they need to and in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

We recognise that very few parents may be able to afford this level of support from a private tutor.

Other benefits that 123 Tuition provides:

  • Totally fits in with family life
  • 100% aligned with the New Zealand Curriculum
  • Can help develop parents knowledge on teaching methods used in schools today
  • Boosts your children’s confidence and enthusiasm for school work
  • Individual programmes for every childbased on their specific strengths and weaknesses
  • Builds a solid foundation for academic success
  • Lets your children work at their own pace with no peer pressure
  • Provides teacher support when it’s needed most

Our Course Advisors explain everything about 123 Tuition extremely clearly and accurately as part of the initial assessment visit, including how it all works, which parts would be suitable for the family, the costs and other alternative options.

YES if you want to and NO if you don’t. Many parents choose to watch the 123 Tuition lessons with their children but older children can watch the lessons and complete the exercises on their own.

You do not NEED to help your child with 123 Tuition, as the unique learning management system will do all the marking, monitoring and re-scheduling of work for your child and report back to you fully with all the progress being made.

However, it is paramount that you continually encourage your children to use 123 Tuition, which is why the reporting system is so easy for parents to access and use,

By being able to quickly and easily keep track of your children’s progress and provide them with the support and praise they will thrive on, you will help boost your children’s confidence and motivate them to move onto the next lesson.

How does the 123 Tuition programme support the New Zealand curriculum?

The 123 Tuition programme is based on the requirements of the Curriculum for maths and English.

The 123 Tuition programme provides short, clear lessons written and presented by highly qualified professionals.

The 123 Tuition programme is specifically designed to support and consolidate learning for children from Foundation year 12.

123 Tuition provides home-based tuition and support for children aged between 4 and 16 and can represent a far more cost effective alternative to private maths tutors for learning maths and English tutors for learning English or Centre based alternatives.


To find out more about the curriculum where you are, please select your location below.

Yes, 123 Tuition is 100% aligned to the New Zealand curriculum. 123 Tuition can help parents understand in more detail the content and practices of the education system, in primary intermediate and high schools across New Zealand.


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