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Each person learns in a different way. Lessons that work brilliantly for one student may not work as well for another, and its important to take this into consideration when choosing a tutoring service. Both online tutoring and in person tutoring have pros and cons, and this blog will compare the differences and similarities between online and in-person tutoring, to help parents decide which would be the best fit for them or their kids.

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Online Tutoring

Online tutoring can be a great option for busy families who need to have a flexible study plan.


  • Online tutoring is super flexible, and it can be completed from anywhere. For families who lead busy lives, this can be the perfect way to slip an extra bit of study into their schedule without having to rearrange their whole day.
  • The cost of an online tutor is often significantly lower than that of an in-person tutor, while still having many of the benefits. At 123 tuition, our courses are fully mapped and aligned to the New Zealand Curriculum, meaning students are still learning all the important stuff at a fraction of the cost. You don’t have to travel for online tuition, which can also save you money in the long run.
  • By utilising technology in their learning, students will gain important skills that they can carry forward in life. It also means that all their learning and progress will be easily accessible, in one place. There are also thousands of online tools that they can use to improve and build on their learning.


  • Some students may find it harder to concentrate when working online, as outside of the traditional classroom environment there can be a lot of distractions beyond the tutor’s control. However, this can also be an opportunity to teach students about self-discipline and good study habits and can prepare them for working and studying later in life.

In Person Tutoring

For students who tend to thrive in a more hands on learning environment, in person tutoring may be a better fit.


  • Humans are social beings, and in person communication can feel more personal and tangible. By creating an in-person relationship between a tutor and student, it can help people feel more of a connection to what they are learning, helping them retain knowledge.
  • Some students find that having someone else physically in the room with them can be a great motivator to stay focused on the task at hand.


  • In person tutoring can be hard to fit into a busy schedule, especially if you must travel to get to it. For anyone who doesn’t live in the vicinity of the tutoring location, this can eat up a lot of time.
  • In person tuition can get expensive, especially if more than one child in your family needs tuition.
  • In the current learning climate, there are a lot of disruptions to in person learning with COVID-19 restrictions constantly changing the rules for in person interactions. If a student is used to in person learning and New Zealand goes into lockdown, it can be a big adjustment switching everything online.

Which Should I Choose?

Both in person and online tutoring have benefits and disadvantages, but ultimately it comes down to individual student and family needs. If you are looking for an online tutor for someone in your family, 123 Tuition can provide quality, affordable, supplementary home-based maths and English education, with personalised programmes for all your children based on their individual strengths and weaknesses. Either way, why not get a free no obligation assessment so you can see what 123 can do for you.

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