Summer is generally the longest period when a child is free from academic responsibility. However, dedicating just a small amount of time to summer holiday learning can have huge benefits that will help your child going into the school year. Keep reading to learn more about why you should consider some form of education for your child during the summer break.

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Avoid summer learning loss

Each year, students experience a noticeable decline in the knowledge they had learned before the summer break. Their scores are lower when they return to school, which means that teachers must spend time re-teaching subjects before moving on. This is time that could have been spent learning about new topics. This dip in retention is known as “summer learning loss” or, sometimes, “summer slide”.

123 Tuition’s tutoring service can be the perfect solution to minimise summer learning loss, with straightforward lessons that can be easily slotted into your busy family life. We can provide student learning support all through summer, putting your children in the best possible position to start the new school year.

Maintain Learning Routines

One of the advantages school offers is stability and routine, and that structure is sometimes lost during the summer. Summer tutoring can help bring stability by giving kids something to focus on, work to complete and goals for their holiday.

If time management and organisation is something that your student is struggling with, summer tutoring can help to create a consistent timeline and structure for studying. Your tutor can work with you to put in place a routine for studying regularly. This will help your student avoid procrastinating and become more accustomed to studying regularly. A tutor can also help with tips to make sure good study habits stick.

Consolidate learning and fill in any gaps

The extra attention and training of summer tutoring can be just the support a student needs to understand parts of schoolwork where they have been struggling. During the academic year, there is a difficult balance to maintain between covering the entirety of the curriculum as well as revisiting and consolidating previous topics. During the summer holidays, however, tutors can find, cover, and consolidate these gaps in knowledge and continue to go over concepts that students may find more challenging.

123 Tuition offer maths and English tutors that can help to create a personalised study plan that concentrates on your child’s specific requirements.

Build Learning Confidence

Low self-esteem can lower a student’s drive to learn and make it difficult to focus on studies. During the summer, a tutor can work with a student on the concepts he or she doesn’t understand and celebrate their achievements without the added pressure of grades. Tutoring is an awesome way to help build happy, confident children. Summer tutoring does this by continuing to build up foundational skills and knowledge, and by reminding kids that they can learn almost anything they put their time and energy into.

Ready to get started with Summer Learning?

The young students in your family may benefit from keeping up their learning over the holidays.

With so many options to choose from, finding the right tutor can be confusing for many parents. 123 Tuition could be the perfect choice for your child if you want them to have a little extra help, and you want to prepare them for the challenging next stages of school. 123 Tuition offers maths and English tutoring in NZ, bringing a virtual private tutor into your home seven days a week. Our tutors are real teachers who will explain each step of the learning process. Get in touch with us today to learn more about summer holiday learning.