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Supporting Kiwi families with affordable, home-based Maths and English tuition from Year 1 to NCEA Level 2.

100% aligned with your child and the New Zealand curriculum

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At 123 Tuition, we believe in more than just education – empowering young minds to flourish, excel, and dream big.

Your child’s journey towards academic excellence begins here, with affordable, home-based maths and English tuition meticulously aligned to New Zealand’s curriculum.

From year 1 to NCEA Level 2 mastery, we’re here to make learning a joyful adventure.

Imagine a world where learning isn’t a chore but a thrilling knowledge exploration.

Picture your child’s eyes lighting up as they confidently tackle maths challenges and dive into English comprehension. With 123 Tuition, that world is within reach.

Your child’s success ignites our passion; we’re ready to kindle that spark in them.

Experience the 123 Tuition Advantage:

1:1 Assessment

Our assessments pinpoint your child's learning needs, comprehensively showing their progress in the NZ math and English curriculum

Learning Plan

We create individualised strategies in English and maths, perfectly crafted for your child's needs. No more rigid schedules – our plans fit seamlessly into your family's life.

Flexible Learning & Support

Watch your child flourish as they gain confidence and enthusiasm in their studies. Our engaging lesson plans empower them to succeed at their own pace, with the full backing of 123 Tuition's dedicated teacher team.

Join the ranks of 400,000+ students and 18,000 schools that trust 123 Tuition for academic excellence. This is more than just tuition – it’s a transformation. Dive into success today!

English Tuition Services

At 123 Tuition, our English programme combines basic literacy with English grammar and reading. Our English tutors can help your child improve:

Maths Tuition Services

We deliver effective, home-based maths tuition for students at any stage of their mathematics journey. Our team will work with your child to develop a learning plan that meets their needs. Our thorough teaching process includes:

Our Students Average Pass Mark is 96.4%

Every Child & Family Benefits

Join the ranks of 400,000+ students and 18,000 schools that trust 123 Tuition for academic excellence.

Book a no-obligation 1:1 assessment for your child with one of our teachers now to discover how you can support them on their learning journey in 2023.

What parents are saying..

Great for home schooling

A fantastic online tutoring resource for kids. We are home educating Freddie and this is now our go to platform for maths and English.

Kids love the awards

This has fit well into our lifestyle and LP really enjoys it. She can work through the topics by herself and she feels like she’s really achieving something each time a certificate appears.

Easy to see progress

As parents, you can monitor your child’s progress in the report section and keep an eye on how long it’s taking your child to complete the tasks or if they’re doing them at all

We’ll use for many years

I’m hugely grateful for the help they’ve provided both boys and look forward to continuing the programme for many years to come as both boys grow and continue to learn.

Aligned to curriculum

It’s a highly structured, user friendly, online teaching system specifically created to support the school Curriculum.

Easy to stay informed

I love that the parent area allows you to see how your child is doing, how long they’re spending working and how long each assessment is taking them.

Book Your Childs Free Maths & English Assessment !

Book a no-obligation 1:1 assessment for your child to discover how you can support them on their learning journey in 2023. from just $31.50 per week per family.


123 Tuition provides affordable, home-based maths and English tuition tailored to New Zealand’s curriculum. Our programs cover subjects from Year 1 to NCEA Level 2.

Our program includes everything your child needs – from planning, teaching, and marking to live support. It’s a comprehensive solution to boost their learning journey. We offer personalised study plans aligned with your child’s individual needs.

At 123 Tuition, we understand the importance of keeping track of your child’s educational journey. Our platform provides you with various tools and insights to monitor their progress effectively:

Parent Dashboard: Upon logging into your account, you can access a dedicated parent dashboard. You can view your child’s completed lessons, current assignments, and overall progress here.

Performance Reports: We provide regular performance reports highlighting your child’s strengths and areas for improvement. These reports offer a clear snapshot of their progress over time.

Lesson Completion: You can easily track which lessons your child has completed and review their answers. This helps you gauge their understanding and engagement with the

Teacher Helpline Interaction: If your child seeks assistance from our Teacher Helpline, you’ll receive updates on the topics discussed and the level of support provided.

Assessment Results: Assessment results are an invaluable insight into your child’s growth. We provide detailed feedback on their performance, allowing you to track improvements.

Supportive Resources: We offer supplementary resources that reinforce learning, such as video tutorials and worksheets. Reviewing these resources with your child can provide insights into their grasp of the material.

Begin by booking a free assessment with 123 Tuition. Fill in the form provided, and we’ll be in touch within 24 hours to better understand your child’s educational needs.
How are lessons tailored to my child’s needs?

We base our English and maths tuition programs on your child’s free assessment, allowing us to create custom study plans that address their specific learning requirements.

Our program is incredibly cost-effective, starting at just $31.50 per week, per family – not per child! We believe in making quality education accessible.

Absolutely! Our flexible lesson plans are crafted to accommodate your family’s lifestyle, minimizing the time you need to be actively involved.

Yes, 123 Tuition draws upon the same curriculum and teaching methods used in New Zealand schools, ensuring seamless integration with classroom learning.

We offer a Teacher Helpline available six days a week to provide guidance and assistance. Our programs also include virtual teacher support, fostering a holistic learning experience.

Yes, with 123 Tuition, your child can learn and progress at their own pace, free from peer pressure. Progress to new lessons requires a full understanding of the previous one, ensuring a solid foundation.

ABOUT 123 Tuition

123 Tuition is a trailblazer in top-quality, affordable, home-based maths and English education in New Zealand. Our journey began in 1985 when we pioneered supplementary home learning in Australia. Today, our program has become a powerful tool that complements and fortifies maths, English, and reading schoolwork.

From Year 1 to Year 12, our impact extends globally as families embrace our program to enrich children’s learning outcomes.

Meet Our Executive Management Team – a powerhouse with 50+ years of collective expertise in the home learning market. Fueled by a shared passion, we stand resolute in our commitment to empowering parents who dream of brighter futures for their children.

We believe in fostering confidence and academic triumph through our well-tested maths and English programs.

Since 1985, more than 400,000 children have discovered the transformative potential of our platform.

Our role in nurturing parents’ positive influence on their children’s lives is invaluable. We’ve harnessed evolving technology for over 35 years, delivering high-calibre learning tools at a fraction of private tutor or tutor centre costs. The added perk? The convenience of home-based learning.

Pioneering the way with our unique, cloud-based, personalized online learning system, we’ve claimed a leading spot in the home-learning arena for maths, English, and literacy. Our expert Course Advisors are primed to showcase the magic of our programs to you and your family.

Book Your Childs Free Maths & English Assessment !

Book a no-obligation 1:1 assessment for your child to discover how you can support them on their learning journey in 2023. from just $31.50 per week per family.


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