Starting a new school year can be daunting for both parents and children. Feelings of anxiety and nervousness about what is to come ahead are all normal for a returning student. That is why it’s better to prepare before the beginning of the school year, addressing your child’s concerns and minimising their fear of the unknown. Whether your child is beginning school or starting a new grade, preparing is the best way to transition into the school year smoothly! Here are some back-to-school prep tips you can do with your child to set them up for a successful school year ahead.

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Sign them up on engaging digital activities

We know that students can lose interest or are generally just distracted over the holidays. They may become less keen on learning when they aren’t in a classroom setting. One of the ways your child can gain back their love for studying and learning is to maintain engagement throughout their holidays. Sign them up for online lessons or tutoring in NZ over the summer. Personalised and engaging digital activities can help them maintain momentum during school holidays and become more participative in the school year ahead.

Set intentions for the school year ahead

Just as adults make intentions for the new year, students can do the same when they begin a new school year. Start a conversation with your child and ask them what they would like to achieve in the new school year. Whether they want to meet new friends, learn a new skill, or perform better at their subjects, setting intentions or academic goals can help them attain positive feelings about school.

Establish new routines

It’s vital to establish routines that help your child finish school work. For example, your child may have been accustomed to sleeping late throughout the holidays. Encourage a schedule that allows them to sleep earlier. This way, they can go to school with a well-rested and active mind. All these seemingly minute habits can significantly affect how they will adjust to the new school year. Establishing a daily routine and good habits will help them perform better in school and have a better year ahead.

Start early on challenging reading materials

Before the new school year starts, encourage your child to use their spare time to review challenging materials. Schedule some time when they can read up on materials before their teacher covers them in class. This way, they have more time to understand concepts in greater depth. Help them create summaries and guide notes – this is a good starting point to strengthen their knowledge. You can also enrol them in Academic Support Programs that offer remedial help, continuity, or reinforcement so that they can prepare academically for the new school year.

Ease your child back to school with digital learning

Incorporating technology into your child’s back-to-school prep is an excellent practice to help them get the support they need before starting school. Whether that’s in the form of hiring an online tutor or enrolling them in an online curriculum, it’s always a good idea to mentally prepare your kids for the new and exciting school year. With advanced learning tools, they can embrace the new school year much more positively.

At 123 Tuition, we offer personalised online tutoring services that are fully aligned with the New Zealand Curriculum. Our qualified teachers can help your child thrive in school with our online study programme and help them begin the new school year with greater confidence. Book a free assessment today.