During the Covid-19 lockdowns, many parents got a closer look at their children’s learning and schoolwork. Now that schools are operating as normal, what are the best methods for supporting your child’s learning? We have a few tips on small things you can do to encourage and support your children through their learning journey, both at home and at school.

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Talk to teachers

Arrange a time to chat with your children’s teachers, whether at a parent-teacher meeting or something more regular. Your child’s teacher is seeing them learn five days a week, so they may have some observations that could be helpful for you. They may have picked up that your child learns best when using a certain learning style, or that they have shown an interest in a particular subject. Teachers also have access to many useful resources that they can share with you.

Set time aside every day to chat with your child about their learning

Parental attention is very valuable when it comes to learning. Focusing your attention on your child’s learning efforts will help them stay deeply involved. Something as simple as asking “what did you learn at school today?” will encourage your child to recall what they have learned and communicate it, both of which help cement and clarify ideas in their heads.

Set goals and monitor progress

Take some time to set learning goals with your child. These can be small weekly goals or bigger ones that can be achieved over a school term. Check in with them regularly and track their progress together. It’s about progress, not perfection. Having something to work towards can be a great motivator, so plan a day of fun activities they can do if they reach their goals.

Do the work with them

If your child brings home homework, sit down and do the work with them (without doing it for them of course). You are much more likely to be able to help and support them if you know and understand what it is they’re expected to do. Studies have also found interactive homework set by teachers and involving parents has a very positive effect, like using maths fractions when preparing food. If a certain topic is tripping them up, get creative with your explanations and problem-solving!

Get further help in the areas they need

There’s only so much help that you can offer yourself. If you find yourself struggling to provide the answers that your child needs, a tutoring service like 123 Tuition can help to fill in the gaps. Our unique system includes an initial assessment at the beginning of each school-year course to benchmark the student’s specific ability level and creates a personalised study plan that concentrates on the individual child’s specific requirements. The system also has a designated parent dashboard, where parents can review and monitor their children’s progress at any time.

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123 Tuition can offer the student learning support your child needs. Our expert course advisers are available to meet with you and your children at your convenience to fully explain the benefits of our programme – book a free assessment and we’ll contact you soonest to arrange a time suitable for you.